20+ Photos Of Mother Birds Taking Care Of Their Babies Will Make Your Heart Melt

National Bird Day falls on January 5th every year in the United States, and is the perfect occasion to get in some quality birdwatching. The day is devoted especially to the celebration of these cute little feathery friends’ maternal nature.

A mother’s love is unconditional and unbeatable, no matter whether it is human or animal, and these mothers are always ready to sacrifice anything in order to comfort their peeping children. The following photos display this devotion with much more elegance and beauty.

Scroll down and enjoy some heartwarming birdwatching from the comfort of your home.


cute parent pigeon taking care of baby bird
Marko Knjizar


baby bird with parent bird


Baby bird with Parent bird on nest


baby birds feel protected with mother bird


cute bird parents protecting and feeding their children
Sue Hsu


cute baby bird with her parent
Jim Ridley


cute bird parents feeding and taking care of their children


cute baby bird safeguarded by parent bird


cute bird parent taking care of their children


bird parent taking care of children in nest


cute bird parent ready to feed her children
Lauren Pretorius


bird parent safeguarding her eggs


cute baby ducks enjoying their parent ride
Ann Brokelman


baby owl in protection of mother owl
Sven Začek


cute baby duck enjoying a ride on mother duck
Tony Beck


baby bird being feeded by mother
Pradeep Kumar


cute baby birds waiting for their mother to come
Octavianus Darmawan


swan bird taking care of her child


Parent bird safeguarding her baby bird


parent bird is ready to feed baby birds
Daniel Acevedo photography


cute baby birds feeded by their parent
Alex Goh Chun Seong


cute ducks are protected by their mother


cute baby birds being taken care by parent bird
Dániel Kecskés


cute bird parents taking care of their children
Michael Milicia


cute baby birds being feeded by their parent


cute bird parent feeding her children in shoe nest
Livesay Photography


baby penguin feel protected with parent penguin
Tony Beck


Parent bird taking care of baby birds


baby birds with their parent bird
Harshawardhan Deshpande


cute bird children enjoying their bird parent warmth


parent hen taking care of baby chick


cute bird child in the protection of her parent
Ric Seet


cute bird parents taking care of their children


cute baby children feel good with their mother
Robert E Fuller


cute bird parents taking care of baby bird


cute baby birds protected by parent bird


cute bird parent safeguarding baby bird


cute baby birds in their home protected by parent bird
Luke Massey


cute baby birds waiting for their mother to come and feed


cute baby birds being feeded by parent bird
Christopher Schlaf

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