20+ Pics of Dogs Before And After Being Adopted, Get Ready To Cry

Adoption means Saving Lives

Admit it. We are all guilting of goo-ing and gah-ing over cute pet photos. But this time we have prepared a list of even more tear-jerk worthy shots. We have compiled a list of over 20 before-and-after photos of some lovely pups who have gone through a total transformation after being adopted.

These doggos have received a second chance in life and they know it with these smiles. We warn you that after viewing these heart-throbbing photos, you will probably want to adopt a dog.

Here are some tips to think about before adopting your pet:

1) Be sure everyone in the house is in agreement on adopting a pet. Sometimes surprising your bae turns into a disaster if he/she wasn’t quite ready to take on the responsibility of getting an animal. Having to take your dog back to the shelter after only a few weeks can be incredibly traumatic for your furry friend.

2) A dog IS a big responsibility. Period. It’s similar to having a baby, so make sure you think this through carefully and, if you’re living with someone, talk to your partner about budget and scheduling – dog walks, feeding times, vet visits, playtime, food expenses, proper equipment (crates, toys, blankets, training fences), etc.

3) Think about the kind of dog you are looking for and what kind of traits would work well with your current lifestyle and living situation. Talk about what type of personality you would want your dog to have. Are you up for adopting a high energy dog that needs to run at least three times a day? Or maybe you need a dog that is more laid back and requires less active time.

4) Once adopted, you will need to spend time getting to know your dog. A lot of cuddle time is in order but also, you will probably need to schedule training time. It’s important to establish a loving, respectful relationship where your pup looks to you as the leader and knows how to respond to your commands. You also need to know how to give clear, consistent commands. You might want to look into dog training schools or programs.

5) Enjoy the wonderful journey of adopting a dog. There will be ups and downs but at the end of the day, your dog will love you unconditionally. That’s the best reward! Don’t forget to buy them a comfortable dog bed and a fun (safe) toy. Because you don’t want your shoes getting a makeover with “embellishment” teeth holes.

Now get prepared to meet this adorable rescue pets who will boost your spirits, give you chuckle and overall, make your day so much better.

#1 Riley

Before and after photo of Riley the adopted dog

#2 Jax

Before and after photo of Jax the adopted dog

#3 Pillow

Before and after photo of Pillow the adopted dog

#4 Toby

Before and after photo of Toby the adopted dog

#5 Don

Before and after photo of Don the adopted dog

#6 Jax

Before and after photo of Jax the adopted dog

#7 Virginia

Before and after photo of Virginia the adopted dog

#8 Luca

Before and after photo of Luca the adopted dog

#9 Rosie

Before and after photo of Rossie the adopted dog

#10 Frank

Before and after photo of Frank the adopted dog

#11 Ralphie

Before and after photo of Ralphie the adopted dog

#12 Teddy

Before and after photo of Teddy the adopted dog

#13 Laika

Before and after photo of Laika the adopted dog

#14 Remy

Before and after photo of Remy the adopted dog

#15  Butters

Before and after photo of Butters the adopted dog

#16 Ajax

Before and after photo of Ajax the adopted dog

#17 Rufus

Before and after photo of Rufus the adopted dog

#18 Penny

Before and after photo of Penny the adopted dog

#19 Pippin

Before and after photo of Pippin the adopted dog

#20 Ziggy

Before and after photo of Ziggy the adopted dog

#21 Zoe

Before and after photo of Zoe the adopted dog

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