30+ Picts Of Gorgeous Ice and Snow Sculptures that Look Like Art

Ice can be as beautiful as it can be deadly. In most cases, it does create some really artistic sculptures and scenery that is best admired when dressed for the occasion (and when we are not driving). Depending on temperature and humidity, some wild icicle forms can pop up and create pretty fantastic results.

One of the deadliest forms of ice is black ice when a clear layer forms on a black road and is basically invisible to drivers. Black ice has caused many fatal and near-fatal accidents so be extra careful! Even the smallest changes in humidity can cause significant differences in the appearance of ice formations.

We’ve collected some of the most stunning photographs featuring these amazing formations. Scroll down and have a look at these beauties.

#1 A Beautiful Frozen Tree By The Lake

frozen tree natural art
Svetlana Shupenko

#2 Flowers Encased In Ice

Natural art of winter in flower
Norman A Bolduc

#3 Blossoms Everywhere!

Frozen blossoms of winter

#4 Icicles On An Apple Tree

Icicles Amazing art in winters
Thomas Zagler

#5 White Taking Over the Green

Frosted pine snow art in winters
Cindi Girard

#6 A Fence Made Of Ice

Frost on fence natural snow art

#7 White Frost Flowers in The Ocean

frost flowers in water

#8 Lake Michigan’s Lighthouse

Natural frozen lighthouse
Thomas Zakowski

#9 Perfectly Preserved Berries

Frozen berries in winter
Matt Stearns

#10 Frozen Lakes As 3D Art

Naturally Frozen lakes in winter
Phillips Chip

#11 Grass Blades With Ice Bulbs

grass after freezing rain art in winters

#12 Rolled Sheet Of Ice

Folded Snow Natural Art of winter

#13 A Frozen Spider Web Over a Streetlamp

Frosted lace Natural art from winter
Robert Felton

#14 A Frozen Pond With Ice Rings

Frozen Pond in winters

#15 Ice Man Having a Peek

Frozen man art in winter

#16 Amazing Green White Combo

Natural lichen winter art

#17 White Winters in Cluj

Winter in Cluj natural frozen art

#18 Flowers or Ice?

Icy winters natural art

#19 Leaf Folded In Ice

Leaf encased in Ice natural art in winters

#20 When An Ice Storm Takes Over

Frozen tree art of winters

#21 A Chilly Breakfast

Frozen side tables natural art in winters

#22 Ice Beads On Dried Leaves

Ice beads natural frozen art

#23 Waterfalls and Icicles

Running ice beautiful winter art

#24 White Everywhere

#25 Ice Catching Trees

natures beauty and art in winters

#26 A Frozen Meadow Covered With Diamonds

amazing frozen meadow beauty of nature

#27 When Leaves Freeze

frozen leaves beautiful art of winter

#28 Pine and Ice

pine fractal beautiful art in winter

#29 Multiple Ice cells

ice cells beauty of nature

#30 Frozen Rolls of Snow

Frozen roller
Miranda Granche

#31 Tress with Rings of Snow

beautifully decorated ice tree natural art
Jan Bainar

#32 Red Frozen Bushes

Frozen bushes natural winter art
Alex Lau


#33 Icicle Flowers

frozen flowers ice art
Mihai Sararu

#34 Frozen Cob Web

Naturally frozen web in winter

#35 Ice Furls

frozen ice rabbit
Mark Adams

#36 Imagine Walking On This Frozen Grass

Frozen grass beauty of nature
Luca Biolcati Rinaldi

#37 When Bubbles Freeze

Frozen bubble natural Snow Art
Angela Kelly

#38 Flower Buds Protected By Ice

Frozen flower buds natural
Joao Paglione

#39 Stunning Baikal Ice Emeralds

Snow art of Baikal Ice Emerald
Alexey Trofimov

#40 After-Effects of Freezing Rain in China

frozen leaf

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