A Man Creates Incredible Photos By Photoshopping His Children In Fantastical Situations. Here’s An Amazing Showcase Of His Work

This is John Wilhelm, a photographer from Switzerland who lives with his wife and four kids, and they have a thing for photography

John Wilhelm was first introduced to the world of photography by his father who was an experienced photographer but considered it a hobby. He was nevertheless quite talented and wound up founding two photography associations in his hometown. Growing up, John was always surrounded by this artistic world with quirky props and tools like a dark room, a variety of lenses, cameras galore, photography magazines, eclectic wedding shoots and camera bags.

Photography had always been a very important part of John’s life, but at the time, he didn’t give it much priority as a real job or even as an artistic pastime. A few years after receiving his first digital camera, photography began turning into a more consistent art form and a personal joy for the experimentation it allowed.

It was like a light bulb going off. John’s passion for photography really started to take off, transporting him back into his childhood world of cameras. But this time around, it included high-tech camera systems, updated techniques, unique shooting experiences and advanced editing programs.

In early 2011, he stepped up his artistic game adding to his arsenal design tools such as Adobe Photoshop and 3D-Tools. This was the icing on the cake. Uniting his love for photography, technology, design, with a touch of whimsy and his beautiful family, John produces fantastical images that ignite the imagination and transport the viewer to an outlandish yet spectacular world where everything is possible.

More info: Facebook | johnwilhelm.ch


Dreaming of the ocean

Dreaming of the ocean



Toilet paper harvest

Toilet Paper Harvest

Just a nightly encounter

Just a nightly encounter

Dinner is served

Dinner is served

Catch it like a dog

Catch it like a dog

Children have no choice

Children have no choice

Bent banana Inc

Bent banana Inc

The good weather umbrella

The good weather umbrella

Dad and me

Dandelion Self-defense

Feeding a stinky pelican

Getting rid of that baby fat

Happy new year



Just a knitting needle and a wall socket

Just a little beaver

Just a little business girl

Just a little gravity issue

Just a little homework

Sledding adventures

A little snowflake

Just a loop slide

Animal lover

Just two girls in a Vespa

Kissing a fake frog king

Living in a plastic world

Mila Button and Lou-Ke the engine driver

Online and offline

Running out of time

Snow angel –springtime edition

The Hike

The hike by night

The original baby cradle

The photoholic construction kit

The rose’s revenge


Yuna Stark queen of Westeros

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