These Ridiculously Cute Cows Cuddle Up With Kids And Prove They Are Super Sensitive Animals

Cows are sensitive, caring, and ready to become your new best friend.

When you think of a man’s best friend, a cow is probably not the first thing that pops into your mind! And that’s a shame, because cows are more similar to dogs than you think – and Cowapunga has made a compilation of photos to prove it!

Just like dogs, cows love to cuddle; they give kisses, get curious, play with a ball and enjoy a good old back rub.

We hope this will encourage you to see them as sensitive animals, and inspire a more ethical treatment of these magnificent creatures.

#1 Afternoon Cuddle Session 

Bull Riding Gone Soft?

#2 A Little Girl Caresses Her Pet Cow 

Baby Cow That Likes To Cuddle

#3 Photo Of My Niece With Pet Cow “Wilson”

Photo Of My Niece With Pet Cow “Wilson” (We Have Had Wilson Since He Was A Calf, Abandoned By Mother… He’s Been Our Family “Pet” Ever Since)


#4 Naps And Cuddles

Naps And Cuddles

#5 Chubby Baby Loves His Picnic Partner

We don’t know who is cuter!

#6 Squeezing in a good nap

Boy And His Cow Take A Snooze At The Dairy Fair

#7 Cuddles Are Life

Cuddles Are Life

#8 Cows Are Very Affectionate

Cows Are Very Affectionate

#9 Cows Also Deserve Kindness

Cows Also Deserve Kindness

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