Animals Sniffing Flowers Must Be One of the Most Adorable Things to Witness

Flowers have the most pleasing and soothing smell that can allure anyone, and animals are no exception. Not only does their fragrance attract various small insects and bugs, but many other larger animals enjoy having a pleasant whiff every now and then. Critters use a flower’s scent to carry their pollen which helps them to reproduce.

While some plants are better known for their fragrances, other perhaps have a healthy relationship with specific species. Whether its kittens or bunnies, here are some fantastic pictures of animals taking the time to “smell the roses.” Trust me, these images are too adorable to miss!

Scroll down to view all the cuteness.


Krissyd 27


Cute Kitten Smelling Flower


Furry Dog Smelling Flowers


enjoying smell of flower
Josef Gelernter


Cat and Flowers


Cat Smelling Plants


flowers and cat


rat smelling flower


bear and flowers
Massimiliano Orpelli


Hampster Smelling Flowers


animals and flowers
Geert Weggen




animal captured while smelling-flowers
Sweet Meadow Farm


Bird Smelling a Flower
John & Fish


Tiger Smelling Flowers
Jennie Anderson


Dennis Fast


Arms Man 101


smelling a flower
Andre Villeneuve


Modesta Černiauskaitė


Wolf Smelling Flower
Sylvain Fleur

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