Australian Firefighters, Cute Animals, All For Charity: A Combination So Hot It Could Start Fires

The 2018 Australian Firefighters Calendar is finally out and it is the number one reason we are excited for the new year to begin.

The Land Down Under has been giving us a good reason to celebrate every year with smoking pictures of rock-solid abs, tough biceps and turnout coats. The latest edition is choc-full of photos that will make you go “Gahhhhhh”.

Temperatures are guaranteed to rise with three calendar versions: hot Aussie firefighters holding puppies, hot firefighters with adorable zoo animals, and hot firefighters just being, you know, HOT – and the best part – they offer international shipping.

All the proceeds from each calendar sale will be donated to the Children’s Hospital Foundation. So go ahead and order all three versions, for the sake of the children, of course.

Scroll down and take it all in, but don’t forget to keep a damp towel nearby in case it gets too hot.

More Info: Australian Firefighters Calendar

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