Azuki The Tiny Hedgehog And His Camping Adventures Are The Best Thing You Will See This Week

Check out the cutest pictures of the Japanese hedgehog from his recent camping trip

Have you been wondering how the photogenic Japanese hedgehog Azuki has surpassed leading influencers with over 174K Instagram followers? Then follow him yourself and keep your eyes glued to his Instagram profile to keep up with his latest escapades. We’ve collected some of the best photos from his latest adventure with a Coleman camping set, and the results are absolutely precious.

Equipped with his miniature tent, hat, barbecue, and kayak the super energetic hedgehog seems to live his life king-size. Doesn’t he remind you of Stuart Little? Well, this handsome little round beast would probably make Stuart jealous. From his cozy home with minuscule deck chair and exclusive gadgets and appliances for an exotic outdoor adventure, no wonder his fans keep growing!

Glancing through his photos make us long for a camping adventure ourselves! Scroll down to take in Azuki’s thrilling camping days. We guarantee these shots will make you want a pet hedgehog, like, now.

More info: Instagram

Azuki peeps fom his little tent.

Azuki, the hedgehog enjoys tea and snacks.

Azuki collects wood for barbecue.

Azuki cooks his barbecue.

Azuki is all decked out for rowing.

Azuki the hedgehog camping

Azuki the hedgehog camping

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