Funniest Tombstone Humor That Will Live Forever (30+ Pics)

Take a walk through these funny epitaphs

Remembering the last words of our loved ones may give us giggles or tears, but memory fades away with time while stone never will. If you get a grave your remains may have the last opportunity, to entertain your visitors with your words carved on tombstones unlike, remain as ashes in the horrible urn.

We have listed some of the funniest inscriptions on tombstones of people who are dead, but their sense of humor will live forever. From authentic recipes to jokes, these dead people are non-living examples of their wit and humor. Folks scroll down and vote for your favorite deadly funny gravestones.

#1 Arthur Spanks His Wife

An image of the epitaph of Arthur and his wife.

#2 Damn It’s Dark Down Here

A funny tombstone, which says its dark down here.

 #3 Gay Vietnam Veteran Got Discharged From Military For Loving A Man

The epitaph of a Gay Vietnam Veteran, who was expelled from military for his sexual orientation.
Wikimedia Commons

#4 Expected Pyramid vs. Reality Tomb

The funny epitaph says that the owner was hoping for a Pyramid.

#5 I Was Sick

An epitaph, which says that the person was sick but people ignored.

#6 A Catwoman

A woman expresses her love for cats through her epitaph.

#7 Deadly Funny, Unusual Tombstone

The unusually crafted tombstone is rather artistic.

#8 Someone Had A Kinky Side

A funny epitaph which is meant to tease the viewers.

#9 Can Feet Really Be the Cause of Death?

A funny tombstone, which states that the woman was killed by her feet.

#10  One Way. No Entry

A tombstone states that there is only a way to grave.

#11 Let ‘er RIP

An epitaph, which states let her rest in peace.

#12 Proud Parents Raised 4 Daughters With One Bathroom And Love

An incredibly funny epitaph, which depicts the picture of a happy family.
Nauka Enciklopediya

#13 An Atheist Who Loved Dressing Up

A tombstone which depicts about the futility of life in a satirical way.

#14 We Finally Found A Place to Park in Georgetown

An epitaph, which depicts that the couple ultimately finds a place to park.

#15 Kay’s Authentic Fudge Recipe

A unique recipe of fudge engraved in a tombstone.

#16 This Man Was Left For Dead

The man claims to have killed three British soldiers, which remain engraved in his epitaph.

#17 Excuse for Not Rising

An epitaph, which seeks forgiveness on behalf of its owner for not rising.

#18 I Leave Without Consent

An epitaph, which states that birth and death is not our choice.

#19 I Will Not Be Back

A tombstone which states that, by the time the reader will read the text, the owner will never return.

#20 I Know Something You Don’t Know

A tombstone which states about wisdom after death.

#21 Man of 1000 Voices

An epitaph which quotes the voice of Bugs Bunny by Warner Bros. in a meaningful way.

#22 I’m Asleep

A funny tombstone which asks the visitor to leave, because the owner is asleep.

#23 Let’s Talk Over My Ouija Tombstone

A unique tombstone which has ouija board engraved.

#24 Life is Unpredictable

A tombstone which depicts the unpredictable nature of life.

#25 Missed By Your Friends (With A Secret Message)

An epitaph which playfully abuses the visitors through a hidden message.

#26 Uncle Has No Money But Many Wives

An epitaph which boasts about the happy life of uncle through a funny poem.

#27 Kim Dared Not Miss The Call From Jesus

A tombstone depicts that a loyal devotee followed Jesus to her Grave, through a funny illustration.

#28 Inferiority Complex

A tombstone moans about the life of the person.

#29 Don’t Talk So Damn Dumb

An old grandfather's epitaph scolds the visitors, calls them dumb.

#30 Butt, Please

A Unique tombstone is specially designed to make all the visitors laugh.

#31 Mom’s Special Christmas Cookie Recipe

A mother has engraved the recipe of her special Christmas cookies in her epitaph.

#32 Dumb People All Around

A hilarious engraving, which makes fun of the visitors.

#33 Snack Time At The Cemetery

Two hilarious tombstones offer burger and fries to the visitors.

# 34 I Won’t See Her in Heaven She’s Surely Going to hell

A man curses her wife through the engravings in her epitaph.

#35 Whatever

A tombstone which depicts that the dead does not care, who came to visit her grave.

#36 I Am A Writer

The tombstone of a writer, whose grave admits his imperfections.

#37 A True Democrat

The epitaph of a true Democrat, who seeks the presence of like-minded people.

#38 5 Skidaderones Married 5 Betrojacks

A priceless depiction of love between father and children through epitaph engravings.

#39 He Never Killed A Man

The epitaph of an amiable man, who never killed a man.
Wikimedia Commons

#40 Are You Tired of Walking? Have A Seat On Jackson

A tombstone, which is engraved and designed specifically, to offer a seat for the tired travelers.






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