Get A Brand New Home In Just 6 Hours At $33K

You could spend a hefty chunk of money and countless hours on building and furnishing your home, or get a brand new, fully-furnished M.A.Di home that pops up in less than a day and costs around $33K. Your choice!

These modular homes created by Italian Rento Vidal, deploy an unconventional folding technique designed to be earthquake and fire resistant. This A-frame home doesn’t need a concrete base, just a patch of land and three people to assemble it.

M.A.Di houses come in three different plans, with the smallest being a 27-cubic-meter one-bedroom unit (around $32,000) to the largest 70-cubic-meters, two-bedroom unit (about $74,000). All the basic models feature a bathroom with sanitary facilities, one-stage staircase, kitchen connections, a drainage system, and air-conditioning pre-installed.

You can choose to fully customize your living unit to be energy-efficient with solar panels, LED lighting, and grey water system. “It creates cosy and safe places highly customizable according to your needs,” according to the website description. After confirming your final designs and personalization requests, delivery takes up to 60 days.

More info:

M.A.Di homes are flat pack folding homes that cost about $33K. It needs just three people to assemble it on any flat ground patch in roughly 6 hours.

MADi home exterior look

These houses may appear simpler outside. But the actual interior of these A-frame houses is opposite of ‘simple.’ The interior is sleek, with a modern open-plan style living unit. 

MADi home interior

open style MADI home beautiful exterior

The construction starts with a crane lifting two hinged roof sections over the foundation and standing them up in an “A” shape. 

installing MADi home frame with crane

The home doesn’t need a concrete foundation.

Madi home six hours folding

M.A.Di homes use a steel frame structure instead of wooden frames that make it resistant to natural disasters. 

MADi home setup

MADi home A frame

Here’s a time lapse of the assembly process.

This is how the house looks when completed. 

MADi home

Customize your house from 290-square-feet to 904-square-feet for a bigger living area. 

904 square foot madi home

You can also get M.A.Di houses for leisure and hospitality purposes.

temporary madi home

Want to move? Just fold it, ship it and reassemble in your new location.

Transport MADI Home

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