Husband Compiles Images With His Wife On Their Road Trips And The Result Is Hilarious

Road trips can be exciting and fun-filled adventures, especially when you have the perfect travel partner to share every moment. A certain Redditor, MRMAgoo21, has taken quite a lot of roadtrips with his favorite travel buddy, his darling wife. On the road, he was able to capture some of their most memorable pictures together, which reveal his wife’s, ahem, “laid-back” approach to road trips.

He mentioned her love for naps saying, “I’ve always attributed it to more of a Pavlov’s dog’s situation.” He further added that “she got car sick easily as a kid and her mom would give her some motion sickness medicine that would usually knock her out on long trips. I just figured she had been subliminally trained at this point to fall asleep at the sound of an engine running.”

Jokes aside, although we thoroughly enjoyed the art of this lone driver, we would have preferred to see both elements of this beautiful couple awake and smiling on their trip. We’ve combined the 20+ funniest photos from their trip, so scroll down and have a laugh.

Credit: MrMagoo21


Road Trip Husband Captures Sleeping Wife


Road Trip Sleeping Wife Pictures Husband


Sleeping Wife Captured by Husband in Road Trip


Sleeping Wife Photographer Husband


Sleepy Wife Captured by Husband


Wife While on road Trip Capture by Husband


Always sleeping Wife Captured by Husband


Funny Captures of Road Trip


Funny Result of Capturing the Road Trip With Wife


Husband and Wife in Road Trip Captured Funny


Husband and Wife on Road Trip Funny


Husband Captures Sleepy Wife While on Road Trip


Husband Captures Wife While in Road Trip


Husband Captures Wife While sleeping in road Trip


Husband Clicks Photographs of Sleepy Wife


Husband Driving Wife Sleeping In Road Trip


Husband Photographs his Sleeping Wife while in Road Trip


Husband Pictures Sleeping Wife in Road Trip


Result of Husband and Wife on Road Trip


Road Trip and Sleeping Wife


Road Trip Husband and Wife

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