IKEA Launches First Collection of Pet Furniture. Animal Lovers Want Everything

Over the past few decades, IKEA has been one of the largest furniture retailers stocking a wide range of ready-to-assemble furniture, stylish home accessories and functional kitchen appliances. To complete their line, they have recently dropped an exclusive collection of uniquely designed pet furniture.

Our furry friends deserve to relax in style with the all-new Lurvig collection by IKEA. It includes everything from cozy dog beds and elegant mattresses, to playful cat tunnels and deluxe scratching mats. The Swedish term “Lurvig” means “hairy” (of course) is quite appropriate. Every item in the new collection line has been prepared and crafted with affectionate designers and expert veterinarians. The collection is currently available in stores in the US, France, Canada and Japan, and will be hitting other markets starting in March 2018.

More info: IKEA

IKEA New Lurvig Furniture Line for pets

IKEA Lurvig pet furniture, four dogs on dog couch

IKEA cozy and comfortable pet blankets

IKEA pet furniture collection

IKEA travel safe pet carriers for cats and dogs

IKEA dog furniture

IKEA playful cat tunnels

IKEA decorative pet accessories for cats

IKEA cat furniture

IKEA comfortable dog and cat beds

IKEA Cat scratchers and mats collection

IKEA bright-colored pet accessories

IKEA designer pet beds for comfort and convenience

IKEA playful cat accessories

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