Lucas Is the Most Adorable Spider You Have Ever Seen

Meet Lucas the cute animated spider

Remember the gigantic spider Aragog from “Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets” who could walk, talk and scare you to death? Here is another adorable spider, who can walk, talk but overwhelm with his cuteness. Just the medicine to cure your Arachnophobia.

Meet Lucas, the tiny animated spider, who is the exclusive brainchild of Joshua Slice. After designing, modeling, rigging, lighting, animating and rendering for his animated character test, Slice turned to his nephew Lucas to make the little spider come to life with his innocent child’s voice. The result turned out to be a brilliant short animation which became an instant hit among viewers.

The eight-legged charming Lucas might be featured soon in a full-length feature film by Pixar. Scroll down to check out the bundle of joy moving around the table with his cute, miniature paws.

More info: YouTube (h/t laughingsquid)

Cute Lucas roaming across the table.

Lucas stares at you with his jewel-like eyes.

The internet fell in love with Lucas and began creating his full story

Lucas might soon be featured in a film.

Disney might steal the cute spider Lucas.

The cutest spider one has ever seen.

Pixar might make a toy story cross over with Lucas.

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