Save Honey Bees And Decorate Your Living Room With Designer Beehives by BEEcosystem

Like other endangered species, bees have been drastically decreasing in population over the last ten years. Some of the main reasons being modern farming methods, pesticide use, and endangered habitats. This is an extremely alarming issue that more people should be paying attention to. Why may you ask? Bees play a very important role in human’s lives by pollinating all the plants we cultivate for food.

With one of the main issues for the bee population decrease being not enough sufficient hive habitats, this new innovative solution, the BEEcosystem, has ingeniously resolved this problem.  The system is made up of wall-mounted, hexagonal observation hives which one can easily expand into a honeycomb form, allowing you to host a real, living beehive directly in your living room!

The concept of bringing bees into a human’s space is not only good for the bees, giving them a clean, safe natural habitat to grow and populate, but also, it is helpful for us humans because we can increase our awareness of bees’ roles and how they serve an important purpose for our lives as well. Keeping safety in mind, the whole system is designed so that even a novice bee-keeper can use it with ease.

Keeping in mind that people may become slightly anxious when in close contact with bees, the BEEcosystem has created a safe, sealed structure where the bees remain enclosed in transparent hexagonal forms and enter and exit through a tube that can be fastened to your window. You can safely observe at a very close distance how the bees go about building up their colony, construct honeycombs and beeswax and work together as a team. You can even harvest the honey as a sweet reward for helping these little guys find a new home and giving back to the bee community.

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#1 The BEEcosystem is a unique, portable hive that is helping alleviate the decline of bees.

Bee Hives Both Indoors Outdoors

#2 Bees pollinate our plants which allow us, humans, to produce food.

Bee Hives Included Both Indoors Outdoors


#3 It is becoming even more necessary to support bees with hives in urban environments to let them flourish.

Bee Hives Indoors Outdoors Creating Beecosystem


#4 This hexagonal pattern of a BEEcosystem can easily be mounted inside your house…

Bee Hives Indoors Outdoors Beecosystem

And, also outside!

Beecosystem with Bee Hives Indoors Outdoors

#6 The boxes join together to perfectly connect and allow the expansion of hive space.

Bee Hives Indoors Outdoors

#7 Bees in the BEEcosystem travel through the secure piping that fits perfectly through the window area.

Indoors Outdoors Bee Hives

#8 Being mounted on the wall in your home, you can view the intricate honeycombs and the busy lives of these fabulous creatures.

Bee Hives in Beecosystem Indoors Outdoors

#9 You can enjoy the growth rate from the comfort of your couch.

Indoors Outdoors Bee Hives Beecosystem

#10 The more the merrier!

Bee Hives Indoors Outdoors Making Beecosystem

#11 Watch the bee population grow.

Indoors Outdoors Beecosystem with Bee Hives

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