Someone On Twitter Asked People To Name a Badder B*tch Than Taylor Swift And The Reactions Are Priceless

Taylor Swift has been making major efforts to rebrand her cute, innocent girl image to a “ruthless tyrant who sits on a golden throne with snakes”, but the Internet is not having it. Twitter recently got flooded with tweets of strong women from history when a @xnulz asked people to name a “badder bitch” than Taylor Swift.

Right after @xnulz posted this snapshot from Swift’s video ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ and popped the question “Who’s a badder bitch than Taylor Swift?” people start tweeting stories of many strong, unstoppable women in history. The tweets flooded in with inspiring stories of women from different backgrounds and cultures who have pushed society to change for the better, ehem, way before Taylor Swift dropped her album Reputation.

Here is a list of all the super badass women and their stories, some hilarious replies, and inspirational tales. There are some pretty darn good responses to @xnulz’s question, so scroll down and view them all!

Inspirational women better than Taylor Swift


Irish pirate queen better than Taylor swift
Blake Dot Fr


Mariya Vasilyevna better than taylor swift
Shonan Naminori


Nakano Takeko, better inspiration than Taylor Swift
Andray Domise


Boudica, better than Taylor Swift
Vonny Bravo


Susi Pudjiastuti can inspire better than Taylor Swift


Bonnie Raitt, Better than Taylor Swift
Luke Maynard


Zheng shi, role model better than Taylor swift


Khutulun inspiring better than Taylor Swift
An American Ghost


Franciszka Mann better than Taylor swift
Dani Mondaine


Malala Yousafzai better inspiration than Taylor


Sojourner Truth, inspiration better than Taylor swift
New Century Shaw


women fighting fascists are better than Taylor Swift
The Dirty Hippie


Auschwitz survivor is better than Taylor Swift
Allison Nazarian


Mothers better inspiration than Taylor Swift
Morgan C Ross


Teresa Magbanua is better than Taylor swift
Keiaka Matsu


World war 2 Survivors better than Taylor Swift
Oh No She Twitnt


Janey Godley, better role model than Taylor swift
Janey Godley


La maupin better inpiration than taylor swift
Escapologist Fi


Franceska mann better than taylor swift
Movie Histories


Jeanne de clisson, better motivation than taylor swift
Greg Jenner


Mary Robinson is better inspiration than Taylor swift
Con Kennedy


Molly Craig, inspiring women better than Taylor Swift
Ash Loves Books 5


Dr. Adelaide, an inspirational women better than Taylor Swift


Sister Bullwinkel, better inspiration than Taylor
Cathi Mon


World War survivors are better than Taylor swift
Crazy Ass Bear


Native American Lady is better inspiration than Taylor swift
MN law Mom


domestic abuse survivors better inspiration from Taylor swift
Veblens Beard1


Inspiring grandmothers better than Taylor swift
Disco Fox


Lyudmila Pavlichenko, inspires better than Taylor swift
Buzzfeed G Debord


Cancer fighter, inspiring better than Taylor Swift

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