The Coldest Village In The World Just Broke A Record With Temperatures Under -62°C (-80°F) And The Images Are Stunning

Oymyakon is a Siberian village considered to be the coldest human settlement in the world, and pretty much the only place where students are supposed to attend classes even when temperatures dip under -52°C (-62°F). But fear not, the temperature just dropped below -62°C (-80°F)… this is the true north.

During the 20’s and 30’s this town was just a stop place for reindeer herders where their cattle could drink water from the hot springs, but in later years the Soviet authorities made this town a permanent camp that later would grow to become a small town.

Amos Chapple, a photographer, came to this town before to bravely face the cold. “I was wearing thin trousers when I first stepped outside into -47°C (-52°F),” he said. “I remember feeling like the cold was physically gripping my legs, the other surprise was that occasionally my saliva would freeze into needles that would prick my lips.”

He wasn’t expecting that this time, the cold went harder, enough to turn eyelashes into freezing icicle-looking accessories.

The official information states that the limit was registered at -59°C (-74°F), but the central public thermometer broke down at -62°C (-80°F) and stopped working. Even further, some of the locals claim that the cold went even lower to -68°C (-90°F). The coldest temperature this town previously recorded was -67.7°C (−89.9°F) in 1933, known as the lowest recorded temperature in the Northern Hemisphere.

Welcome to Oymyakon, the coldest town on the planet

Frozen tree

Where temperature just hit -62°C (-80°F)…

But freezing cold doesn’t stop these people’s lives

used to it villager

Students are expected to attend school unless the thermometer goes below -52°C (-62°F)

And even then, other people still go to work

Villager and working place

It may be hard to drive under these conditions

frozen driving in yakutia

The scenario is fantastic for photographers

And for vendors. The fisherman don’t need to use a freezer to keep the stock fresh

Frozen solid fresh

Some tourists come here to actually defy the weather

You can find this village in the Oymyakonsky District of the Sakha Republic of Russia

Ice temple

The town is named after the river that crosses it, and the river’s name comes from the Even word Kheium which translates as “unfrozen patch of water; a place where fish spend the winter”

On the other hand, other sources mark Kheium as the Even for “Frozen Lake”

More than 500 brave people live in Oymyakon’s frozen village

But, not everyone is ready to face this cold, or at least the thermometer wasn’t as it broke down at -62°C

Even Yakut horses need help getting the snow off

This village is located at 750 meters above the sea

And it’s so cold that they know it as “The northern pole of cold”

But it is not that cold all the time, even when winters are like this

Long freezing winters are followed by warm summers of up to 30 °C (86 °F)

This used to be a stop for reindeer herders to get water, and they still make use of it

The Soviet government eventually acknowledged this small makeshift camp as an official town after more people began settling permanently

A marvelous village where the cold turns the sights into an winter dreamland

Daylight lasts only 3 hours in winter but upt to 20 hours in the summer

If you plan on going to enjoy the landscapes in winter, manage your time very well

This mine tunnel, for example, looks like a diamond stuffed passage… it’s just ice

The record of the lowest temperature in the whole Northern Hemisphere was of -67.7°C (−89.9°F) and can you guess where it was registered?

If you were thinking of Oymyakon, the town of the ice-made eyelashes, then you are right

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