These Perfectly Timed Photos Will Make You Look Twice (35+ Photos)

You may not be the world’s best photographer, but sometimes with a little luck, clicking that shutter release captures the perfect moment. Good timing can make or break a picture turning a simple photo into something quite hilarious or maybe a beautiful illusion you will cherish. Whether you choose to capture an event with your smartphone or a fancy DLSR, timing is your biggest make or break factor.

We have gathered up a rad collection of the most perfectly timed photos that prove you don’t need an expensive gadget to capture special memories, maybe just a little patience and luck. From some unusual water creatures to cats with six-packs, these perfectly timed photos will make you look twice. Without further ado, scroll down to view the most insane photos that will have you doing double-takes.

#1 Give Me A Beer Towel

perfectly captured Beer Towel

#2 My Stone Brother

stone brother captured at the perfect moment

#3 Wind Turbines That Look Like A New Floral Species

14 wind turbines lined up

#4 I Felt Like Dressing Up Today

perfectly captured crow man
Steve Black

#5 When The Timing Couldn’t Be Better

homer and marge simpson

#6  Holy… Toilet?! 

toilet seat perfectly timed photos

#7 Twin Waves

Twin waves captured perfectly together
Cameron Watts

#8 Ahhh! The Smell of Hair

perfect timing for wind and hair at the golden gate bridge

#9 Sunset For Delivery

beauty of sunset captured perfectly

#10 All In A Row

time for sunset at the beach under a pier
John H. Moore

#11 Beam Me Up

man levitating at window

#12 Solar Eclipse Munching On An Airplane

perfectly timed capture of solar eclipse eating the airplane

#13 Going For The Gold

perfect jump and perfect capture

#14 An Airplane Flies Through A Rainbow While Getting Struck By Lightning

capturing rainbow or lightening

#15 Say Cheese!

pufferfish perfectly captured
caters news agency

#16 See it again!

two ladies perfectly timed photos

#17 Picture Perfect

Shimmering tree captured perfectly

#18 Blast Off

perfectly timed photo of rocket
Richard Silvera

#19 Don’t Worry Son, I Got This!

perfect shot for perfect dad

#20 A Perfectly Timed Wave Before It Breaks

beautiful picture for beautiful wave
Grant Ly

#21 Come Here Little Mouse

One-minute-away death captured perfectly
Tom Samuelson

#22 Earbuds In The Form Of A Treble Clef

music and earbuds in one perfect shot

#23 Lightening Coming Out Of A Palm Tree

Lightening captured perfectly

#24 What Do You Think Of My New Look?

Miss ostrich captured beautifully

#25 How Did You Do That?

perfect shot for talented dog

#26 I Got This

perfect moment and perfect capture

#27 Fire Fighter Or Angel?

Angel fighter perfectly captured
Ricardo Cuba Zavala

#28 At Some Point, Every Software Engineer Needs A Little Help

perfectly timed photos need help

#29 The Angle Of This Chair And The Position Of This Man’s Feet Is Perfect

high heels and the guy captured perfectly

#30 Getting Ready For Bikini Season

perfect shot for a cat with perfect body

#31 I Asked My Hairdresser For ‘Something Out Of The Box’  

carrying a tree perfect timing

#32 A Bumblebee Taking The Sun For A Spin

Bumblebee Carrying The Sun perfectly captured


#33 Peter Pan And Tinkerbell On Fire!

peter pan and tinkerbell perfect click

#34 I’ve Been Pumping Iron, Can You Tell?

cats with abs perfectly clicked photos

#35 Like Mother Like Daughter

horse perfectly timed click

#36 A Tad Kinky

perfectly timed photo at airport

#37 What Are Those?

feets on perfectly timed click

#38 Group Hug

a kiss perfectly clicked

#39 Result Of Spending The Whole Summer With My Shirt Off

body tan perfectly clicked

#40 Who Needs A Board When You Got Your Bum?

water diving perfectly clicked

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