These Shitty Life Hacks Are Undeniably the Funniest Thing You’ll See Today! (New Pics)

Real life hacks allow you to accomplish tedious tasks using handy shortcuts. They ensure that your job is done swiftly without any hassle so that you have ample time for all the other necessary stuff.

The following hacks are definitely not the ones you want to follow. Rather, they are life hack spoofs that are so useless, they are only good for giving you a good chuckle. Keep on scrolling to discover the wittiest life hack parodies. But don’t try these at home! Some of these hacks demonstrate creativity at its best, and some are just plain treacherous. Do not take them too seriously.

#1 Need Extra Horsepower On The Highway? Just Shift From 5th Gear To “R” (Racing)

reverse gear horsepower life hack

#2 Put a slice of red onion in your DVD drive to naturally protect your laptop from viruses

onion DVD Drive life hacks

#3 Put your car’s wipers up to avoid getting a ticket from parking inspectors

car vipers shitty life hacks

#4 Click stunning pictures by utilizing masking tape as a hands-free selfie stick

cello tape selfie shitty life hack

#5 Feeling lonely? Fill water in a rubber glove, and put it in your hand

rubber glove hand shitty life hack

#6 Seeking a perfect way to get rid of wrinkles fast? Get a rattlesnake bite


#7 Put on shades if you are having a shitty day. Now you’ll have a shitty evening

shades life hacks

#8 Hold puppies in your arms and avoid people asking for help


#9 Looking for the best way to convert your drink into a diet? Well, just press this button, and there you go

drink diet shitty hack

#10 Still struggling with the small text on your phone? Magnify the screen up to 200 percent by putting it in water

maximizing phone screen life hack

#11 Need to look slimmer? Just dress for the weight that you want to be

shitty life hack for fat shape body

#12 Don’t have a flashlight on your phone? Just take a picture of the sun, and use it in the dark

sunshine picture click life hack

#13 Want your PC to operate faster? Here’s the hack!

shitty life hacks discussed

#14 Your car is slip resistant in winter. Thank this person later!

life hacks

#15 You’ll never lose your keys again

best life hacks

#16 Keep the fire extinguisher in a safe place to easily access whenever required

perfectly weird life hacks

#17 Easily warm up your coffee on the stove

coffee life hack

#18 Get your treadmill belt replaced with sandpaper. Now you’ll have better resistance

treadmill life hack

#19 Always wanted to lose weight but never got your desired result? Weigh yourself while sitting at the toilet seat and enjoy the miracle

weirdest life hacks

#20 Here is a simple technique to make your own Quesadilla wallet

wallet life hack

#21 Want to rid your phone of germs? Microwave it in the morning for 30 seconds and tada! Your bacteria free phone is ready

shitty life hacks

#22 Always inform the officer that you’re carrying a gun by showing it first thing when he/she asks for license and registration

carrying gun life hack
Luke Soderling

#23 Want to make your car faster? Simple, change the speed from MPH to KM/H

fast speed car shitty hacks

#24 Here’s a simple hack to easily open an agitated bottle of soda. Hold it upside-down while opening so that the gas will release from the neck of bottle

coke life hacks

#25 When painting your house, use a fine detail brush instead of larger brushes that absorb too much paint

paint brush life hacks

#26 Take random pills you find around the house. Drugs are too expensive, you wouldn’t want to waste them

medicines shitty life hacks

#27 For your next manicure try this simple nail art hack

nail art life hacks

#28 Are you running out of ice? Use some frozen vegetables from the freezer!

broccoli life hacks

#29 Get an extra glass of juice by tilting it slightly

juice shitty life hacks

#30 Just microwave it and you are done!

cheese life hacks

#31 Make a handle for plastic cups by tearing a strip out

cup life hacks

#32 An organic cup for health-conscious people

#33 Want to make your uncomfortable feeling go away during an awkward social interaction? Just moon-walk away

interaction life hacks
Olena Hromova

#34 Always have a buddy ready to give you a high five

life hacks shitty

#35 With this tiny tool, turn any pair of headphones into a wireless version in less than a minute

tool life hack

#36 See that? This is the best life hack to get a free meal!

save money life hacks

#37 Running late for the office? Don’t worry, you can now enjoy breakfast while cleaning your teeth

breakfast shitty hacks

#38 Who says the iPhone 7 doesn’t have a headphone jack? It’s just hidden behind the casing. Drill a small 14mm hole into the bottom left edge and enjoy your music

iphone life hacks weird

#39 Want to quit smoking to improve your health? Just smoke your cigarette upside down to avoid any kind of cancer hazard

smoking shitty life hacks

#40 Retreading your tires just got easier with a sharpie

vehicle tyre shitty life hacks

#41 Now you can hang out with your smoker friends without smoking!

smoking weird life hacks

#42 Don’t throw away your old doll heads! Make a handy lamp for your child’s bedstand light

doll head shitty life hacks

#43 Stabilize your bagel when cutting by putting your finger in the middle hole

cutting bagles life hack

#44 Smoke alarm not working? Use popcorn as your smoke alarm instead. Hear the crackling? Grab your popcorn and get the hell out as soon as possible

smoke alarm weird hacks for life

#45 Sleep until noon so you only have to pay for two meals instead of three

save money life hacks

#46 Is your car making weird noises? Don’t worry, you can make them disappear by turning up the volume on your radio

vehicle shitty life hack

#47 Easily hold your pasta with a snake

holding pasta life hacks

#48 Eggs are an essential part of your diet! Don’t like the taste? Make them tasty by adding cacao, butter, flour and then baking for 30 minutes

life hacks for eggs

#49 You should try this!

suspecting leakage life hacks

#50 Are you tired of boiling water everytime you make pasta? Here’s a simple hack. Get a few gallons of water boiled at the beginning of the week and store it in the refrigerator for later

boiling water life hacks

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