This Couple Creatively Included Their Dogs In Their Wedding And It’s Not In The Way You Would Expect

Everyone loves their dogs and wants them to be a significant part of every important occasion – weddings being no exceptions. But did you know that having your wedding pics with your pet isn’t the only way you can include them in your big day?

Gil and Luna, like many other animal-loving couples, had their dogs participate in their wedding in the most creative way. Their doggos, Chimney, a 10-year-old Jack Russell Pug mix and Einstein a 3-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, became a part of their beautiful wedding cake as charming, personalized cake toppers.

Many other people are now inspired to have their furry friends included in their celebration, and wedding industry folks are listening up by offering a wide range of options from dog-themed cakes and photography to personalized cake toppers. Animal lovers all over the globe are experimenting with creative ways to give their fur babies a special part in their celebration.

Have you thought about including your dog(s) or cat(s) in your wedding celebrations? Scroll down and check out these adorable ways Gil and Luna included their pups in their big day.

#1 Gil and Luna, a dog-loving couple, wanted to see their beloved dogs becoming an important part of their wedding

Wedding of Dog lovers
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#2 Not being satisfied with just adding a portrait, they decided to try something new and creative

Dog lovers wedding
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#3 They ended up creating an adorable cake topper in honor of their dogs

Cake toppers and Dog lovers wedding
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Special personalized Cake toppers for Dog lovers wedding
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#4 This trend is not limited to only a few marriages, the trend is really starting to pick up

Wedding cake for dog lovers
Special personalized cake for Dog lovers
Personalized Cake for Dog lovers wedding
The Knot



dog lovers and wedding

#5 Every day people are coming up with something new for their wedding cakes!

Special way of including dogs in wedding for dog lovers
Figlewicz Photography
Dog lovers including their pets in wedding
Figlewicz Photography

#6 There are many more adorable ways to honor your dogs…

Special wedding Cake toppers for couples who are Dog lovers
Adorable personalized Cake toppers for Dog lovers wedding
Cake for Dog lovers wedding
Cake toppers for Dog lovers wedding
Cake toppers for the wedding of dog lovers
Sean Walker
Dog lovers adorable wedding cake toppers
Fete Photography
Dog lovers and their wedding
Melanie Duerkopp
Special Dog lovers wedding
Fete Photography

#7 “My good friend and his wife have four dogs in a one bedroom flat in Brooklyn.”

Personalized cake for dog lovers

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