This $1.7 Million Bus-Like Motorhome Looks Pretty Normal From the Outside But Wait Until You Step Inside

When you think about luxurious living, a motorhome might just be the last thing that comes to mind. However, the German company Volkner-Mobil is trying to change this stigma altogether. The company has rolled out the lavish Performance S motorhome that features all the fixings and costs a whopping $1.7 million. From a double-bed and fully-functional kitchen to a spacious lounge area and a heated bath, the motorhome is equipped with everything you’d expect to enjoy living like Lady Gaga on tour.

Part of Volkner Mobil’s lauded Performance series of motorhomes, the Performance S also boasts a garage with an electrohydraulic lift that can fit anything from a Ferrari to a Mercedes. The lavish home on wheels is ideal for those itching to undertake a new adventure but who aren’t quite ready to leave the comforts of their penthouse. This beast-on-wheels is nothing less than a 5-star hotel that you can take everywhere.

Join us on an amazing virtual tour of this $1.7 million motorhome and let us know in the comments below if you would go on the road with this beauty.

Presenting the opulent Volkner Mobil Performance S $1.7 million motorhome

$1.7 million motorhome with garage

This is the posh lounge area inside the 40-foot vehicle

Lounge area of the $1.7 Million Motorhome

Want to nap in peace? Stretch out on the comfy double bed

Double bed of the motorhome with garage

Double bed of the motorhome with garage

Wondering what the bathroom looks like?

Heated Bath of the $1.7 million motorhome with garage

There’s a fully-equipped kitchen including a dishwasher

$1.7 million motorhome with garage-kitchen

Bar of the motorhome with garage volkner-mobil performance S

Are you ready to hit the road?

Driver's area of the motorhome with garage

With this spacious electrohydraulic garage, you will never have to leave your Ferrari or Mercedes behind

Garage of the Volkner Mobil Motorhome Performance S

Isn’t this motorhome exactly what you need to fulfill your travel goals?

Image credits: Stefan Peine

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