Top 10+ Adorable Cow GIFs That Prove They Are Just Like Your Dog

Not many people think of cows as sensitive, intelligent animals. But these GIFs will have you think again. Just like man’s best friend, cows love a good cuddle. They are excellent snuggle buddies, and every now and then, they are known to exchange a few sloppy kisses with both their human and animal friends.

Some of these friendly cows are even allowed in the house, just like the dogs! Cows love to play together and are very curious animals.

We hope this will inspire a more ethical treatment of these magnificent creatures.

#1 Baby Cow That Loves To Cuddle With His Human Sister

#2 Sweet Baby Calf Falls Asleep on Girl’s Lap

#3 This Boy Wants All The Cuddles To Himself

#4 Do They Think That This Dog Is A Cow, Or That They Are Dogs?

#5 Cuddle Time

#6 This Hiker and Cow Became Friends in Less Than 2 Minutes

#7 She is Either Very Happy or Inventing a New Cow Dance

#8 Cows Know How To Have Fun. Just give them a Bale Of Hay!

#9 We Found Oliver’s Favorite Spot To Be Scratched

#10 Happy Cows Returning To The Pasture After A Long Winter In The Cow Shed

#11 Cow Catching Snowflakes On His Tongue

cow catching snowflakes
Anita Diamantopoulou

#12 Radar Is Now 11 Months Old But Still Loves His Dog Bed

#13 Cows Are Extremely Curious Creatures

cows chasing remote control truck

#14 Herbie Gets A New Ball

#15 Cow Loves Rolling His Bale Of Hay

#16 Cuddles Are The Best Way To Start The Day

#17 Who Doesn’t Like Back Scratches?


What do you think? Will cows become your next best friend?

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